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Our Mission

whole gospel  |  whole people  |  whole world


Our Mission

whole gospel  |  whole people  |  whole world


We are a community of people seeking to live the whole gospel, to be whole people, and to partner with God in bringing wholeness to our world.


God created something very good. We broke it.  Jesus has come to fix it.  He invites us to help and He begins in us.  


Transformation happens as we're honest about ourselves and we allow God to change every part of us from the inside out.


Christ’s transforming work is internal and external.  It moves out from the soul to relationships, communities, cultures, economies, ecologies, and beyond.

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Our Community

Our Community


Ready for deeper community?

Sunday morning services are a great place to begin getting plugged in at Mountain View. From there, we want to see people branching out from the church into the community around us and to other communities around the world.

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We care about the whole family.

Children’s ministry at Mountain View Fellowship is all about helping kids to thrive in their relationship with Christ and to find their place in His community.


Our Staff

Our Staff

 Rick Russell  Lead Pastor

Rick Russell

Lead Pastor

 Emily Nelson  Assistant Pastor

Emily Nelson

Assistant Pastor

 Linda Olson  Administrative Assistant

Linda Olson

Administrative Assistant

 Jacob Bailey  Worship Leader

Jacob Bailey

Worship Leader

 Sean Trimble  Sunday Youth Leader

Sean Trimble

Sunday Youth Leader

 Don Fischer  Custodian

Don Fischer


 Charlotte Patterson  Nursery Attendant

Charlotte Patterson

Nursery Attendant