Our Mission

Mountain View Fellowship is partnering with Sheperd’s House Ministries’ Winter Shelter at Redmond to offer a safe, warm place for minors to spend the night anytime the adult Winter Shelter is open. While Sheperd’s House and Redmond area churches provide a cold weather shelter for adults, there is currently not a shelter for the 300+ homeless youth (minors) in our community.

Do you need Shelter?

The minor shelter will operate when Sheperd’s House Winter Shelter in Redmond is open. This is generally when the temperature is forecast to be below 32 degrees. Always check the Shepard’s House Cold Weather Shelter recorded message in the late afternoon to determine if their shelter and our minor shelter will be open that night

Step 1: Call Sheperd’s House recorded message at (541) 788-8098 to see that their shelter will be open (which is when we are also available to open).

Step 2: Call the Minor Shelter hot-line at (541) 316-7175 before 10pm to let us know you need shelter that night. Unlike the Sheperd’s House Cold Weather Shelter, the minor shelter is staffed by on-call volunteers so we will need to know you are coming so our volunteers can open the building. Leave us your name and number so we can call you back to confirm we received your request before arriving.

Volunteer Information

We need volunteers so we can keep our shelter running! To protect our youth as well as our volunteers, all volunteers are required to complete a criminal background check as well as be trained. If you are interested or have questions, please contact Mountain View Fellowship at (541) 923-4979.

  • Contact the office for the Training Video password